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Keybridge IT have worked hard on becoming GDPR compliant and also providing information for customers on how to improve their IT to help with GDPR. In order to help customers become GDPR compliant, Keybridge IT have put a number of helpful documents together. In addition to this, Keybridge IT have updated Ts and Cs and Privacy Policy in accordance with the Data Protection changes.

The Ts and Cs have been updated to further detail the responsibilites of Keybridge IT and also those of the Customer. In addition, Data Controllers are obliged to send a Data Processing agreement to any Data Processors that may be handling any personal information for you.

Please click the links below for further information:

Keybridge IT GDPR Statement

Keybridge IT GDPR FAQs - To help answer tricky GDPR IT questions

Keybridge IT - KB Security - Microsoft EMS information

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